Early childhood education is becoming more and more important for children in order to be successful in the world today. The world has become so fast paced and children are exposed to so much more now, than ever. It is important to give your children a quality preschool education where they can gain a strong educational foundation to build on. This foundation will prepare them for future education as well as the challenges that life presents as they grow.

At the preschool level, children are able to perform tasks that help develop their concentration, a sense of order, independence, responsibilities and self esteem. Young children are working on building themselves as individuals. The academics for the preschool child will come so much easier if these attributes are in place.

The Montessori Method of education is a great choice to start with children in their early education. A Montessori classroom offers children the opportunity to explore through hands on learning. The Montessori approach is a very developmental, individualized and self paced. Children move through the classroom choosing heir own “work” with guidance from the Montessori teacher. All the Montessori materials were designed by Maria Montessori with a specific purpose. All the materials are refereed to as “work”.

With the Montessori method, the child is the center of the education. The teacher’s role is to carefully prepare the classroom with materials that will entice and spark interest in the child. The teacher observes what the child is choosing and how they are doing the work. It is the teacher’s job to be a facilitator and guide the child to work that will aid him/her in their development.

For example, if the teacher observes a young child struggling to hold a pencil correctly and struggling with writing skills, she knows that that child needs to be directed to activities that will help with strengthening the child’s fingers and hands. The muscles need be stronger and more developed to be able to grasp the pencil strongly. After the muscles become stronger, then it’s time to direct the child back to learning writing skill. At this point the child can now be successful. A Montessori teacher’s goal is always to support the child in being successful.

The Montessori Method of education is a holistic approach. There is so much more to this method than meets the eye! Children are working on themselves from the inside out. They are developing as human beings with support from the teacher. They are gaining a foundation in academics and are preparing to go out into the world.

The Montessori method of teaching is truly a good choice for any child’s early childhood education!