One area of the Montessori classroom that is very exciting for the children is the Geography area. Maria Montessori believed that it was very important to give children a view of the whole world and where their place in it is.

Here at Farmview we have a very developed Geography curriculum. The children spend three to four weeks studying each continent. Farmview also includes a study of the United States and Ohio. All 50 state flags are displayed along with Historical flags. Children learn about state birds, flowers, insects and trees.

The school has a geography table where artifacts from other continents and countries are displayed. These may include animals from that continent, coins, pictures, books, flags, artwork, and clothing. Clothing from other countries for trying on is a highlight. Children love to try on “traditional dress” from different countries.

Because of the wide diversity of children in the classroom, here at Farmview, parents from other countries send things in to display on the Geography table. Often parents will volunteer to come in and speak to the children about their native country and will often bring ethnic food for children to taste.