When I think about Farmview I think about learning to read. I learned to read at Farmview when I was four years old. I remember how it was done; I remember the process of sounding words out and spelling words out with the moveable alphabet. I remember getting encouragement from my teachers, one of whom was Judy Ruberg, and how they encouraged my patience. I am thirty-three years old and this happened twenty-eight years ago, but I still remember it.

I think about learning to read because I became a life-long reader. While my elementary school classmates were learning how to sound words out, I was reading chapter books. While my junior high classmates were learning reading comprehension, I was learning how to think critically about what I was reading. While my high school classmates were struggling with writing coherent essays, I was planning to study English literature. It’s not enough to say I was given a head start; I was given the tools to keep progressing all through school.

I don’t think there’s a better way to explain what’s good about Judy and about Farmview and about Montessori than this. I am currently watching my five-year-old nephew learn to read at Farmview and I cannot tell you how exciting it is. I tell him that once he learns to read, he can learn anything. It’s the beginning, but what if everyone were given this foundation? Maybe the world would be a better place! 

Kindergarten class 1985

Kelly Cuvar

I was lucky to find Farmview Montessori Garden in 1983 when I was looking for a school for my 4-year-old daughter. I knew I wanted a place where she would grow confidently, socially, academically, and most importantly, independently.
I found that place at Farmview. And Oh! What a find. What I found was the Montessori method. It was everything I wanted, needed and more for my daughter. Following my daughter were my 2 sons who also attended Farmview. All 3 of my children got a foundation of learning to carry them into adulthood

Fast forward 22 years – and I am proud to say that I once again find myself at Farmview, with the same needs, but this time for my grandson.

Yes my son who attended Farmview is now watching his son grow and blossom just as I watched my children do the same. What a pleasure for him to come back it this place and find Judy Ruberg, his teacher, still here. Thanks to her dedication and caring, children at Farmview receive a quality, true Montessori education.

The result: A child who grows confidently, socially, academically, independently, preparation for life. This is what we all want for our children and grandchildren!

Kelly Cuvar Kindergarten class 1985
Neil Cuvar Kindergarten class 1987
Danny Cuvar Kindergarten class 1990
Chance Cuvar Kindergarten class 2013

Sharon Cuvar

For me, Farmview Montessori Garden was a warm welcome to a life of learning. The school helped me understand and engage the world around me in a uniquely intimate environment. I have fond memories of exploring my artistic interests and scientific curiosities in an open and positive atmosphere. The small staff of educators was committed to the individual development of each child with a tremendous amount of effort to the students. This was a detail that was obvious even to a young child.

Kindergarten Class 1993
Graduate of University of Cincinnati DAPP program
Living in New York City working as an Artist

Wyatt Niehaus

Initially, I was skeptical of the Montessori method. However, my doubt quickly fizzled as I saw how much more my children got out of their “educational experience” using this approach. My children did more than simply memorize & regurgitate material. The learning at Farmview Montessori embraced a more hands-on and experiential atmosphere. This atmosphere fostered more abstract, critical thinking and the children were enthusiastic about applying their knowledge and skills to their everyday lives. In addition, my children thrived in an environment that emphasized and encouraged independence. The children grew to become more responsible, and they also achieved a greater sense of self confidence. Additionally, being able to work at their own individual pace also cultivated a sense of pride and achievement where the reward(s) came from within. Their “educational experience” overall was well-balanced and tended to the child as a whole; rather than just focusing on academics and/or social development. The owner/teacher is very dedicated and committed to each child that she serves. The owner/teacher has a wealth of experience teaching Montessori and maintains a high level of integrity in staying true to the Montessori method. As a result of both the method and dedication of the teacher/staff, my children developed a love for learning and were well prepared for the various facets of what they were to experience next as 1st graders!

Madeline and McKenna Asher
Kindergarten class 2012

Sonya Asher