About Us
The school serves several communities including West Chester, Fairfield, Liberty Township, Hamilton, Mason, and Middletown for children three to six (3-6). Most of the children filter into the Lakota and Fairfield Public School Districts.

Judy Ruberg

I have owned and operated Farmview Montessori Garden for 28 years. As a seasoned teacher of the Montessori method for 35 years, my passion for teaching has only grown stronger over the years. I continue to find great pleasure in watching children grow and develop.

A graduate of Xavier University’s Montessori program, I received an overview of the method from Hilda Rothschild. Hilda was very instrumental in bringing Montessori to the greater Cincinnati area. Hilda was well known in the Montessori community and studied in Europe directly under Maria Montessori’s son.

I would love to help plant the seeds for a lifetime of learning in your child. The program at Farmview provides a well balance program to help children develop themselves as individuals on their journey to human development.

In a small individualized, homelike Montessori environment, I enjoy fostering and watching children develop a love for learning. Allowing your child time for natural development to take place, Farmview’s Montessori environment provides simple tasks to teach small responsibilities, fosters physical, emotional and, social development, as well as imaginative play, and of course academics. This is all part of this Holistic approach to education. By teaching this Holistic approach to education, I have seen many children blossom into confident well-rounded individuals.
Here at Farmview, I provide an environment where children have the freedom to express who they are. In a structured environment, children have freedom within the limits of ground rules of the classroom. These rules are set in place to then allow children the freedom to discover their strengths. Learning is encouraged through guidance from teachers. Your child will build on successes and thrive here at Farmview.

In today’s environment, more than ever, quality education is extremely important for children to succeed in this fast paced world. Here at Farmview, I can offer affordable quality education to give your child a strong foundation for the future.

I continue to be strongly committed to the principles and practices of the Montessori method of education. My staff and I are dedication to the natural development and potential that lies in each child. I can provide a loving, safe and secure environment in a small personal setting for your child to be nurtured.

“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.”


There was a time when the area was true to the school’s name. The school overlooked many small farms when it was first established in 1988. Now most of the farms have been sold and developed into houses and businesses.

The school still has a bit of a country feel. There are open fields around the school with a very spacious playground and outdoor space.